Elizabeth's Story

Photo of Vita Boutique in Hartville Ohio, May 2022

From a young age, Elizabeth had an interest in fashion. Maybe she was born with it or maybe it came from her very fashionable family. Her mother, older sister and even her father all had flawless style. Elizabeth recalls times when she would patiently wait for her sister to leave the house just so that she could browse through her beautifully curated closet.
During her senior year of high school, Elizabeth participated in a program that allowed her to go to school for half of the day and work the other half at a local department store. She thinks this enriched her love of fashion even more.
After high school, Elizabeth attended college at Ohio University and then transferred her junior year to Kent State University. At Kent State, she finished her bachelor’s degree in marketing and graduated with the class of 1984.
Elizabeth decided to move to Dallas, Texas after graduation and while she was there, she had the opportunity to manage a variety of fashion chain stores. Eventually she was able to utilize those skills to open and co-own her first successful fashion boutique in downtown Dallas.
In 1995, Elizabeth moved back to Canton, Ohio to be closer to family and raise her son, DJ. While in Ohio she was able to manage a few other popular fashion chains including Express and CACHE, but she never gave up on her dream to own her own store.
In September of 2002, Elizabeth accepted the opportunity to start Vita Boutique. Utilizing only 200 sq.ft. of retail space, Elizabeth quickly filled it with fashion-forward jewelry and accessories.
20+ years later, Elizabeth's business has flourished into a successful 3,000 sq.ft. boutique full of designer clothes and accessories from around the world!
Elizabeth's vision then and now continues to be her inspiration and motivation - to style women while making them look & feel their best inside and out. What she enjoys the most is being able to give women the confidence to wear clothes that get them noticed and complimented. She wants her boutique to be a happy, positive place where all women can go to look good, feel comfortable and have fun!

Throughout the years, Elizabeth and her boutique have remained faith based. She believes her shop is a God-given gift that was meant to be shared with everyone – all shapes, sizes, and styles.

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"Fashion & style are forms of art and shopping at Vita is retail therapy!"