Aultman Foundation

Charitable contributions made to the Aultman Foundation go towards supporting and enhancing services at Aultman Hospital, and in turn, help patients and their families who benefit from this care. The Aultman Foundation also partners with other nonprofit organizations to distribute grants which help support projects that directly affect the lives of friends, families and neighbors in the community. They provide annual grants to organizations that promote wellness, health education and human services.


The Aultman Foundation is near and dear to Elizabeth for several reasons. When her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and admitted to the Aultman Hospice and Palliative Care, Elizabeth was touched by the level of care, support and kindness her mother received. In addition, when Elizabeth herself was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, she received he same level of exceptional attention and care from doctors and staff at the Aultman Hospital. Thanks to their help and support, Elizabeth is cancer-free!


Elizabeth is honored to use her boutique to spread awareness and give back to the Aultman Foundation.

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